Melvin “Muncher Boy” Mellvane drops what he’s doing at a Celery Processing Factory and types….. dear Hughy…… I continue to hear on the news about “Wire Fraud.” What on earth is WIRE FRAUD?……..

From Criminologrist Hughy


Well……………… This is a very boring subject. But I will seek to give a definitive answer anyhow.


The most notable cases of this purported actionalization of malfeasance are mentioned in Supreme Court Briefs C-104352-13-a.


It seems that , in April of 2011,   rolls of cotton kite string were being sold to electrical contractors to be installed in the walls of new house construction and run into the electrical outlet boxes for use in plugging up lamps and stuff.

After a couple of houses were completed,…….It was determined that THIS WON’T WORK,….. It’s NOT WIRE. …! We’ve been defrauderized!!!!


Now, anyone, who has done any wiring whatsoever, should have quickly noticed the primary physical differentiations between string and WIRE.


But Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooo.

This has to wind up at the Supreme Court.


The rascals that sold that string, pretending it was wire……


and unavailable for bringing us up to date on

CURRENT events.


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