Wendy Lou Wombat , who is looking to H.A.S for guidance, in her career choices,………. Doesnt stop what shes doing and tries to type, dera Hguhy Eye nede tow askz you supmin…….I am considering going into business for myself manufacturing doggie doors for space Shuttles. Do you see a future in this enterprise…? and what if any, are the issues I need to focus on…? (yes I ended on a preposition)……


..From aeronautical Hughy…………


Well…………… I am not at all sure that

this is something that you need

to be pursuing,

Although, it is possible that someone

will soon start suing the federal gubmint

for discriminating against


in the Space Program.

And you, my friend,

may be ahead of the curve.


I have always knowed that my dachshund felt

left out in the moon walking deal.

As I think about it mower, I say go with it…..

And why not apply for a gubmint grant…?

I’ll take a couple of million smackers just for

my consulting on this conceptualization

…. and you get 20 million for research and development.


One issue you will have to work out

is the air that will come through the door

as the rocket goes through the

atmosphere at 17,000 mph…..

and then the SPACE that will come

through it once you get out there

where the thing is headed.


To say nothing of checking on international

space doggie leash laws…… (ISDLL)

and cleaning up after FIDO on a Moon WALK.


dachshund on stilts - Copy

Playing a sink.......... Sooooooooooo!!!! What's so unusual about that...?


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