From Linguistic Print Expurt Hughy


Ethel…………… The only reason Im knot

going to ban you from H.A.S. is that this

is the first question from

Port hugh gal.


I have addressed this general topic before but ,  for whatever reason, we continue to recieve (yes I misspelled recieve) ..millions of questions about this every month. Most of em are in Japanese, so I have had trouble reading em. But this one is in Portugal Language which I am abe to make out with out two mulch trouble.

ETHEL..You have asked so many querstions hear, that I can’t address them all…..So I will simply do what ever I want to under the circumstances. And will ramble incoherently regarding the general subject matter.


Fist of all……. Yes. Liberrians are

an endangered species. In fact, they are

on the endangered species list

wherever that list is kept.

(Know won knows for sure where it’s kept,

or who’s responsible four it.)

But LIBERRIANS cannot be captured or confined in

any way, (much like the California Condor).

They MUST BE LEFT in the wild…..

(((Or in some rare cases such as ZOO Scenarios

….they may be encouraged to move around quietly

in a natural library setting during an ate hour shift.))


I am prescribing PROZAC for ALL LIBERRIANS the WORLD OVER. Just as a precaution.


The real danger we all face….Is that “once a Liberrian” “always a Liberrian” is a truism. And they will continue to shusssssh when and where they feel like it. Whether it be through digital shusssshing or actually stopping people in Wal-Mart to SHUSSSSSH ‘EM.


SHUSSHING will continue…… MAKE KNOW MISST AKE about it.

Serious note from Hughy

ACTUALLY Librrrians will continue to be an important part of education…..

  I suspect there is a day coming when all this digital stuff will be useless and

they will be more important than ever .

We must keep our printed info…. We will need it.