Little Andy Piggleton from Theaudeau Plateau Montana writes dear Mr. Hugh ….. can a Lady Bug survive the Pots and Pans Cycle in a Kenmore Dishwarsher? One fell in there while I was loading the machine for my mother. My fear is that it may have been the Last of an endangered species. IFFFFFFF it is still alive at the onset of the “Dry Cycle” what practical steps can be taken to insure its survival…?


From Entomological Expurt Mr. Hughy


Well…….. Andy………

I know this really bugs you.


And I apprecerate your concern

…as does the

National Society for the

Ongoing Safety of Lady Bugs. (NSOSLB)


Pictured above are the president Emeritus of NSOSLB……and The Empress of LadyBugdom…..

They run the Operation…..and they appreciate your concern… I already mentioned.


NOW……. While your concern is


as I already mentioned,….

The lady bug is certainly deceased….due, largely,

to the simple and well-known fact that

Lady Bugs are inherently allergic to all



(Even if used as directed)………..


The horrible truth is that your reckless and irresponsible actions have, apparently, led to the demise and perishment of the last known member of the Legromitiod Shurbelvitine Lady Bug.


The question now is only



And I am checking on that as we speak.


It aint gonna be perty. that much I know four shure.

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