Wilbur Oslo from Burfords Creek Idaho writes today…….Dear Hugh…………… Im seriously considering buying stock in some Intranational Styrofoam Farms. What do you see as the future prospects for growing Styrofoam and it’s overall profitability?

From Lightweight Hughy..



I think that the farming industry

is going to



There’s plenty of dirt out there.

BUT::: Last year there was a shortage of styrofoam seeds.

But this year there are plenty…..

the biggest challenge is to get em planted

without the little things getting blown off the fields

and into the road.

The little rascals are so light,…..

that they dont stay put long enough to

throw the dirt in over em.


But, once they get planted …they’ll do fine…

Another problem is that the styrofoam fields

are often confused with

cotton fields.

In such cases, the mature styrofoam is harvested

and turned into T SHIRTS and UNDERWEAR

before anyone know what has transpired.


Then they are sold to people

who end up

feeling like

they are wearing



I say move carefully on these investments…

And watch closely the clothes you purchase .

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