Ann Delvernne from behind a kids pajama rack at WalMart …stops shopping for footie jammers long enough to type this riveting inquiry to H.A.S……….. Dear Hughbert, Do you believe in Aliens? …from other Plant Its? .

From Terrestrial Hughbert


Well Debbie,…………..

This is a source of much consternation

and delvectitude.

Also folks tend to disagree about it,

largely due to the fact that they don’t

hold the same convictions

regarding the topic.


I, however, do agree with myself on this and

will straighten it out once and for most.


I used to believe in Aliens……….

Until a group of em ran off with my banjo

and two jars of pickled blueberries.

While I sat there weeping they were giggling and

bouncing around on the weigh back to the mothership



I cried out…. “take me to your Leader…..

Take me to your leader”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


But their trial lawyers intervened and said I would

have to file an official lawsuit on

the planet “Squiddle Seven”.

And my GPS is no help on how to find it.


After an event like this its


To be treated in such a way……

I just cant put any faith in the little rascals.

But they are in for a shock…..


That banjo is out of tune.

And I aint tellin em how to fix it.


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