“Big Earl” Chuddle who is the chief Strainer Operator at the Hapreth Bluff Goat Milking Station in Hapreth Bluff kentucky writes….. Dear Hugh, ….I keep seeing places in town called “Self Storage Facilities”. Is this where people go to hibernate?….. I was unaware that humans could do that…… Why would someone want to put themselves in storage? and what are the implications. I don’t have enough vacation days built up to stay in storage for long anyhow.

From Non Stored Hughy.


Howdy Big….!!!!!!


You are misunderstanding the overall imptication

of the meaning of this here terminology.



Edna Snivvler tried that back in ’96……And actually stayed stored for several months while her trial for counterfeiting was carried on in abstentia. In fact she was not discovered to be in storage until her niece broke into the unit  in ’98 to borrow a set of hedge clippers for her begonias.


At that point Edna was removed

from storage and sent to Alcatraz……..

but I digress….


There’s also the case of  Big Bubba Baddlern who mailed

himself to a warehouse in Boston…

in a well wrapped box marked “Handle With Care”….

He was in storage for a few days….

but was eventually returned

for insufficient postage.


Self Storage is a bad choice of words

for those places where folks put stuff.

They should be called.

Places to Put Stuff that You Know

Good and Well you

Ain’t ever Gonna Need Anyhow.


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