Today I am deeeeeeeeeep in the jungles of Saharan Africa, my ongoing quest to photograph the elusive (and rare) Double-beaked Sand Warbler ….. But I found Wi-Fi service in a McDonalds at an Oasis, and am plopped down between two Cross-eyed Camel Drivers and a super secret Spy-type Operative from Spain…… The question I have choosed for today is from Bethelle Crudde in Peoria Illinois… Dear Hugh: Do you make stuff up in your posts , or do these astutely briliant questions ACTUALLY come in from concerned people all over the glob…?


From Concerned People Lover Hughy,


Well Bethelle……….. I can not believe that you , OF ALL PEOPLE would querstion the veracitization and verifycation and truthfullness of the sincere individuals whom come to us at the Service …seeking more imfornation than they had before they got hear..


After all we have done for you and your family to help you learn how to better function in life over the years.

By the weigh, How is prison working out for you and your family. ..? I was just kidding when I suggested that you all go into counterfitting to make money. (YOU should have knowed that.).


Of course all these questions and

comments are real……

Can’t you see em in


How could that be FAKED….?

They come from human brain cells .

Yes Indeeeeddee.


The brain cells that come up with some of this stuff do worry me somewhat (as I have pointed out on numerousifiacal occcasssions.)



I must run,

I think I see the Double-beaked Fowl

that I came 17.000 miles to photograph.

If I don’t move now,…. it’ll be

too late.



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