Hi Hugh, I’m your MOTHER. …………. I heard that you made up a bunch of malarchy about your growing up years here on this silly blog a few daze ago…… Will you set the record straight…? and STOP embarrasing me????? and your DAD? What on earth are you gonna do next…?

Thanks Mom….

So good to hear from you,!!!!!.

Mom you sure did ask some tough questions,

but I cant put my own mother on probation.

It just ain’t write. ___________________




Mom,,,,,I mentioned the other day that

,when I grew up out in the boonies…

They didn’t have houses out there yet.

But  that we did have electricity.

I know it wasnt true …

but I want to continue the story,


Once upon a time,,,,,,,,,there was,

A time in which I remember my mom and dad sitting near the fuse box…………… and just talking.


A time in which…as a family, we would all take turns replacing fuses simply because we could. (we called it Doing the Twist and would often listen to Chubby Checker on the wind up radio)


A time in which, while the other neighbors were worried about amperage surges, our family would just enjoy being together around the extension cord….. telling stories about the day the lineman installed the fuse box and told us what the voltage limit was.

And simply dreaming together of a day when we could afford a multi-outlet adapter. ….and writing futuristic stories about remote control ceiling fans….( If we ever had a ceiling.)


It was a different time. Although we didn’t know, at the time,… that it was a different time.

(Largely due to the simple fact that our clock was one that ran on natural gas. And they didn’t have it out there at the time.)


I recall how shocked we all were the first time it rained

after the installation.

I remember how you grounded us with the things

we needed to know….and never tried to

insulate us from reality.


I remember how  you my sweet mother would sit by the outlets and sing nursery rhymes at roughly 110-120 beats per minute.

One thing we had plenty of was bikes and such. We had about 60 cycles.

(That joke is for you folks that are up on CURRENT events.)

Oh MOM….how I yearn for the daze when we would each get to plug in our appliances for a few minutes. Whether it was to recharge a toaster oven or heat one side of a can of beans with a hairdryer…

Those were the daze  mom……Please let me go back through favorite memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didnt mean to stir up familial trouble.

And to answer your querstion….. I’ll try to do better, not to embarrass you and dad……..

Can I still tell my corny jokes….??????????????


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