Mellvile Herman from Yankkel Australia…..stops writing his new novel long enough to pose this question ……Dear Hughy, I know you are getting along in years, and experienced a grate deal as a child that was rather primitive…… Had the wheel been invented when you were born?…..and did your family have electricity?

From Ole Hughy


Well……………I’m not gonna go round and round about this wheel issue…..Even though I’m on a roll.

Yes …the wheel had been invented. (About three weeks before I was born.)


Now, to the more relevant and important query……

Did we have electricity…?


Wellllllllllllll……..Yes we did…… Yes …yes Yes….

We did!!!!!……


we lived so far out in the sticks …

that houses weren’t available out there yet……

So me and my family just sat out in a field with an


And a semi-functional toaster oven.

(We also had an electric spatula and two alarm clocks…….but we

didnt have a multi outlet adapter and could only use one of ematta time)

At that time, houses were invery

very early stages

of development, and not perfected

(or easily distributed.)

So we just really never knew any different.

We’d sit out in the field with our toaster oven and not play cards.

There were all kinds of games

that we wouldn’t play at all…..

And each day, we would avoid playing a different game!


It was so much fun…… we also spent a grate deal of

time keeping our extension cord untangled ….


and the Dewey Decimal system.


When we’d come to the field after school, we loved to just sit around the extension cord and talk…..

SOME DAYS we would talk about



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