Phil Satterflunk from Bestbegon Kentucky writes in today with glee in his heart……because he just found out that there is an Autographed photo of Aunt Bertha headed his way from our Corporate office in Frog Squat Alabama…… He asks simply…… dear Hugh:……..”Where”?


From GPS Hughy


Hi Phil…………

First let me say a few words to our readers….







Whale Bone


Thank you so much,…..

Those were just some words I like to say,

but really never have much chance to use em.


Now to your question………which is Simply



It’s interesting that you would ask that question at this time…

.and at this place in history.

Because the time is long passed four answering it.

Why so many people shy away from this absolutely

necessary inquiry, is a mystery tomb E.


It seems that many of the experts of our day

are willing to address




but never “WHERE?”


The answer is very simple……….

thanks so much for caring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good day…..!


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