Cousin Elroy Herdsome from Behind a used anvil repair station at his shop in Williamsburger North Carolina writes…..Dear Hugh …. I understand that you will be giving a lecture on the installation of insulation and will be available for consultation regarding more information…If it’s any consolation, I feel no trepidation regarding the situation and will be part of the investigation into what you have to say…… Are you impressed by my word usage?….or as usual, are you going to put me on probation for trying to be a purveyor of humor?


From irritational Hughy


Consolation, cosultation,

installation, information,

insulation, trepidation,

irritation, irrigation!!!!!!!.


humantity of it all!!!!!!!!!!!


What on earth has happened to my question screeners hear at the Service?


If Aunt Bertha can’t handle it anymower, Im gonna have to get somebody else….


But Yes. I will be giving my annual Winter Series of lectures…including , but knot limited to,

Installation and Consolitation of

Insulation in your situation.

Other topics of interest will be…..

Some gNomes in Rome Arent’ Home (9-10am session)


Quick Toupee’ Repair With a Flair (10:30 -11:15)


The History of Lead Canoe Design (afternoon session)



The finale that evening will bee….

“Garbeld Msseages adn Waht Tehy Raelly Maen”

You must be there… order to hear the speech in person.

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