Fallman D. UpChurch from Bingleblatteshire Scotland…..Steps out of an Spanish Class and writes Dearest Hugbert…..We hear in Scotland are very afraid of the Loch Mess Monster….that swims around in the “BIG POND” over hear……. I am concerned that, in the various accounts of sightings and abductions, the words “Swim” “Swam” and “Swum” are freguently missuzed….. Knowing your linguitsic prowess, I turn to you for the definitlive answer to the conundrum….Please clarify the proper useage….?


From eruditelinguisticalismic Hughbert


Howdy Fallman….

Words are “WHERE IT”S ATTE!”

And Eye am up on awl this stuff…….


It’s good to know that the LOCK NESS MONSTER is still alive and well after all these years of being chased around the pond and photographed over there…..The last shot I saw of her, she was showing some age wrinkles and such photogeneric anomalies.


But to  answer your statement that you ended with a question mark……. Hear’s the deal.



I swim ….He Swim…We swim. They Swim.. She Swim…

Whales Swim (and, buy the weigh, they are still

very large and out of shape)… They will have Swim..

Loch Nessy have swim…

She will have swim…..

She did go swim.

He might have swum…

Then they all swammed…

We shall all have gone swumming.


Words mean things….. And it is crucial to use them correctly. Stay with me for updates on societal linguismic flux and useage regarding transitional phrases…..and technigues four trying to appeer two bee erudite….(and verbal suaveness attempts).



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