After the incident in Frog Squat yesterday where the group of ladies was outside my office screaming questions at me,…… I have retreated to one of my bunkers deep in the mountains of Florida…Here with me today is only my trusty DACHSHUND…and two disoriented field mice. (((((They are used to having the hole place two themselves)))). I am on vacation from taking other peeps questions until Midnite tonite….So I will ask myself a question that Ive always wanted to know the answer TO. ….Dear Self: When I go outside to get FRESH AIR…. How can I know that the air is FRESH..and not HUNDERDS of years old? and been used before????.


From Hughy Self


Well Self…..This is an interesting question….and keenly observant if I may saysewmyself. I have thought about this many times but never had the courage to come right out and ask myself what the answer is.


The simple fact of them atter is this.

Most Air is old.

The average breath of air  is 5,000 years old.

Why may explain why

you feel tired all the time.

There is some fairly new air, but it gets mixed in with all the old and becomes really difficult to separate into chunks of PURELY FRESH AIR.


The very best way to get the freshest

air is to sit in a tree.

Cause trees make air.

But dont be surprised if,

while pretending to be part of a tree,

you are asked to LEAVE.

“LEAVE”. Yes, I said it. Its a photosynthetical foilage joke.

Leave leave leave…….


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