Eddie Satchwick,…. a bubble gum manufacturer in Peoria Illinois……..steps out of his office and writes…….Dear Hughy: I often go to restaurants and get LARGE amounts of food…… Some of my friends do the same thing and request “To Go” boxes. In stark contrast, I often request a “To Stay Box” because I want to finish my food on site (but enjoy eating out of styrofoam) . From time to time, I am ostracized and villified for this request. Should I take it personally…?


From Hughy


What a grate idea…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!


AND …ABSOLUTELY Do NOT take it Personally…..

Just because you were the one that does it.

Why would you do that.?


I love the ideer….. A….” TO STAY BOX”.

This….. a is… that concept….. catch will…… on.


Whenever you request this at an establishment of culinarianism…

Simply act as if you expect the service….

ask with kindness but as if it is absolutely

NORMAL and Completely Unabnormal.


Smile, place your food in the box

and continue eating…..

with calmness

and being ERUDITE and Semi- Suave.


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