Wordsworth Longmire III from Frog Swat Virginia borrows an IPAD and presses the screen really hard (when all he had to do was touch it)…….and gets this message through to us today here at H.A.S…Dear Master Hughbert, Your self defense skills are the stuff of legend. My understanding is that you learned Kung Fu and Whang Doo and Beetwiff Shoe through the mail…..Is this true and what is involved in such techniques? …


From Hughy


Wellll………….. A lot of this stuff can be learned through the mail.


Its hard on the mail man….

Because you have to practice on him.


Several of my mail men did me a lot of damage by beating me over the head

with undelivered AVON orders.

Some of those bottles of Cologne are perty heavy.

And I had not yet gotten the lessons on how to fend off the use of makeup packaging as a deadly weapon!!!!!!


Much of the detail on this stuff is TOP SECRET…..

Except for the BEETWIFF SHOE technique.


This style of self defense……….involves merely stopping at yardsales and spending FIFTY SCENTS on a good pair of used work boots



step Two is….. “keep em handy”…..

Thats really all there is to it.




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