Alice in Blonderland (a subdivision of Wonderland) writes in todays brilliant and ERUDITE question….. dearest Hughbert, I have been sitting here mulling something over in my mind. But is that my only option….? Can mulling be done anywhere else….?


From Hughbert


Dear Alice…………… The answer two your querstion is both YES and Know.


It does not have to be done there where you are sitting.

For example, Mulling has been known to occur even in outer space.

Astronauts mulled stuff over in figgering how to land that funny looking buggy on the moon.. You just as well accept it.

Mulling can be done all over the place….NOT JUST WHERE YOU ARE SITTING.


Do not question me on this stuff….

I was mulling things over before I was born.

(Although I had very little

information to work with.)



Physiologicalistically it CAN ONLY BE DONE inside the cranium of most people….

All though there was one case in Peoria Illinois, where Big Al Pendergrass claimed he could mull stuff over

between his toes…… But there is no credible evidence, and his wife says he’s not taking his vitamins regularly..much less his trace minerals. So whom nose whatt the deel rilly iz.?..


There is much to consider hear, but I must go floss my dachshunds teef.


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