Henny Inman from Possum Perch Pennsylvania writes in today’s lackluster question……. Dear Hughy, yesterday you addressed the proper location for MULLING things around. Would you today, seek to enlighten us regarding the substantive differences between, and implications of,…..”Mulling”, “Pondering”, “Contemplating”, and “Considering”….?


From ole Hughbert.



First, they all have won thang in common.

If you disagree with me on ANY

of my assertions heare at H.A.S.

,…You knead to Mull, Ponder, Contemplate,

and Consider until ewe realize that eye’m write.


Otherwise…Mulling and Pondering are very

completely identical sortof…

although you can’t easily ascertain that fact,

due to the simple truth…………..

that they are spelled entirely differently.

One of em is obviously unnecessary since

they mean the same thing..


Now Contemplating and Considering are the next

level of thought….

They involve more reasoning and information

than mulling and pondering.

Which is why Contemplating and Considering

are an “endangered species”

In certain geographicalistic areas

(Often suurounding high concentrations

of National Politicians.)


So much to consider hear….

I think I’ll go mull it over.


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