Jimmy P. Wellerlan II from Selmer Kenucky is very very upse oday. Bu conrols his emoions o he poin ha we can’ ell whas going on. Dear Hugh, one of he keys on my lapop has qui working…… Which one is i ? And, wha should I do?


From Keyboard and alphabette expert Hughy



Its hard for me

TTTTTTTTTTTTToo say for sure.


I have encountered such anomalies over the yeers.

What I always do is switch my computer with my sons

computer and then act as if nothing has happened…..


That worked good till his “H” key quit

working and I couldnt spell my own name….

So when I sent emails…

nobody new from WHENCE they came.



I’m trying to sound ERUDITE, like

Bill ShakeSphere.)


Buy the weigh…What is so great about ole

Bills Romeo and Hughliet story?

He may just be famous for em because

he was writing back

when hardly anybody had a pencil

or the time to use one.

But I digress.


Now look………..

You’ve gotta get that keyboard fixed…..

or I’m gonna ban ewe from wrighting

inn to the Service.

Readers count on CLEAR. INTELLIGIBLE ,


ADROIT…. and Legubrious commentary.

Do not mess with my wonderful readers

by confusing em with all the “T”‘s missing.



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