Alburt Feinstein from hovering over his calchughlator in a physics class at Alma Matter A&M…….writes…Dear Hugh…..Yesterday, in your socalled “POST”, I felt that you saught to b-little and mischaracterize Bill Shakespeare. I didnt like it….because he’s my great great great great great grate uncle on my mothers side…..Do you have anything to say for yourself? and I’d like to follow up on whether I am to be or not to bee.? And that is the question.


Well Al…………..


I dont reckon Ive got anything to say for myself.

Except to say that, I read a bunch

of ole Bills stories

“The Three Wittle Pigs”

and “Romeo and Jule E. Ette”.

and “Hamit”…

….Some of it I just didnt see what

the big deel was all about…..


Now the main thang that through mee off

with Ole Billy…..was

the “Two Bee or Not to Bee”….ordeal.

I surmised that, if he couldn’t figure out the answer to that, I certainly wasn’t gonna study the rest of what he had to say for an entire semester.

And I never thought


in the first place.


Well, ” HARK..!” I must run….

I have an overdhugh LIBERRY book.


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