Rumplestillskin, (who is wide awake,…due to having drunk three cups of coffee before he tried to take a nap)……… Jumps over to the keyboard and types this important question to the only place he knows of that might possibly no the answer…..dear Hugh: Since you are a man whom has been alive for over thirty years, I knead and value your advice on how to best “catch up with old friends”. What do you reccccommend? /


…From Hughy



I certainly admire your desire to catch up.


Here’s the deal…. How to catch up

with an old friend

depends on whether they are in an

airplane or a bus or

perhaps, even on a skateboard

or jet ski.


Any of these maneuvers can be fraught with peril…

and inherently dangerous.


For example….If you attempt to

pull alongside an airplane (at 26,000 feet)

to reminisce about your old high school

days on the debate team……

You are liable to cause an accident….


Conversely and subsequently….defeating the

entire purpose.

Which isnt generally produrctive.


Let me suggest waiting until your friend is at least stopped at a TRAFFIC LIGHT. or more advisedly, quietly seated in a LIBERRY.


But dont’t talk loud….or you’ll get shhuusshed ..!!!!

just like you did back when you were in school….


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