Pat Fubble (a gerbile trainer) from Anvil Drop Kentucky … extremely frustrated with me and , frankly, doesn’t like Hugh’s Answering Service much at all, BUT, understands the need for accurate imfornation, so turns to us for the answer to this crucial question….. “What is a Syllabus”?


From Hughy


Thanks so much for the courage it took four you too turn to the Service with this inquiry…..!


The syllabus …

(or its plural form _ SYLLABYE)

Were once thought to be extinct in all but

several parts of the world.


The syllabuss is a small, little,

non-large furry mammal….

They are known to feed largely

on small crustaceans and discarded

asparagus stalks that were too tough

for humans to chew up.


Syllabyes are not to be confused with Lullabyes……

So just don”t do it. !!!!..

(And I cant just stand around

pointing out which is which.)


There used to be hunting seasons

……and when a feller would shoot one

and show up with it at school,

it was not uncommon for a teacher

to tell the kid to “Prepare a Syllabus”

Or “Get a Syllabus Ready”….

Or “I’m gonna grade the syllabusses”


Syllabye are now found ubiquitously and all over the place….

especially near College “campi”. (Plural of Campuses)


Watch out for ’em. They bite.

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