Today From 11;15 p.m. till 11;16 p.m is National Hugh’s Answering Service Appreciates Readers Minute. Sixty seconds in which we hear at H.A.S. are thankful for both of you all over the world who read our advice. Here at the Frog Squat headquarters, our staff of thousands will stop what we are doing and sing a chorus of a song that we arent very familiar with. I feel a cents of gratitude….or at least I think that’s what it is…. (It could be my gall bladder acting up again) But that’s not something I want to make a big deal about. What ever it is I want to thank all of you who waste your time reading these helpful, Adroit….and Legubrious Posts. But before I say “thank you” ,…I’d like to say a few words.


From Words I’ve always wanted to say Hughy.










El Paso








and Finally……….. …………. Obtuse.


Thanks for letting me say a few words before I got to my other point. Those are words that I’ve always wanted to say, but have not really had the opportunity. So I appreciate your patients.


During National Hugh’s Answering

Service Appreciates Readers Minute Tonight……

I will stop whatever Im doing and then start again.

It’s the least I can do.

Really it is.

It truly is the absolute least I can do.


 WARNING!!!!! this is a Serious note….. From Ole Hughbert

Thanks to each of you who take your time to read this blog….Though I put lots of goofy, outlandish and nutty stuff on here each day,…… I am very much aware of  the seriousness of life and the difficulty of many of the things we humans face in this ole world. and I hope that H.A.S. offers an occasional smile and brief diversion in the midst of it all…



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