Today, I received so many questions from around the glob…..(and even one from a disoriented alien on Mars),….that I am overwhelmed. Overwhelmed is very different from simply being WHELMED…. or under whelmed…..So I will just pick the last one that came in. Dear Hughy, What is the meaning of the word “Whelmed”? Thanks, signed Mumpy Snodgrass, Erstwhile Indiana 45634

From Erstwhile Hughbert..


Well, HOW COIN CIDENTAL is that?


I have to say

that worked out well,

due to the random nature of the timing.


As mini of you no, LINGUISTICS and



are one of my strong suits….

And everybody kneads a good suit.


The meaning of the word “WHELMED” is unknown. Due, largely to the simple fact that only one person ever used it and only two people heard it…..unfortunately they are both incarcerated in a monastery jail in Tibet.


So we are guessing here.

We know that OVER WHELMED means..i.e.


THUSLY, whatever “whelming” is, most folks

don’t want too much of it at a time.


Have agoo dday MUMPY……. I hope this cleared it up.



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