First of all, you little munchkin,…………

you sure used up a lot of internetial bandwidth

to ask me something simple.

If I was your daddy…. I’d feed you some

minced collard greens for supper.


Now, I still maintain that

my ideer four taxing diapers

is not the mess

that you incinerate it could be.


The average mommy and daddy are every bit as concerned

about the “diaper issue” as you are.

The implications of a diaper shortage, due to

overpricing resulting from taxation,

are indeed inculcative and somewhat rediblinian .

And yet……. The fact is , the US government

needs more money to throw away.

Thusly, since diapers are gonna get thrown away anyhow,

Why not TAX EM EXTRA and the government will

have mower to THROW AWAY.



There is a lot of waste involved, no matter how you look at this issue.

The US Government …NEEDS. ….more money ….

about as much as…

I …NEED…. a life-sized replica of the Grand Canyon..

sitting in my back yard.