Sally “Twinkle Toes” Twumble from just outside a bowling alley in Peoria Illinois …stands tall on her tippytoes and types, Dear Hughfus, Some people think I’m kinda goofy because I read your utterly absurd posts…. and because I eat a mixture of sauer kraut and raisin bran for breakfast every morning. But I took my temperature and it is 98.6 degrees…. Doesn’t that indicate that I am NORMAL? And, thusly , render their assertions innacurate?


From Normal Hughbert


Howdy Sally………..

Of course I personally have never  experienced any degree of ostracision or acchughsations of being out of the mainstream of public consciousness.

But I have read about it happening to others…


An , indeed it is a shame that this blog has contributed in any weigh two your emotional distress….

The goal hear is too pull the general public into a perfectly, normal, mainstream, ,healthy, pattern, of, regular, thinking.

And , two a large extent , we have totally failed in this regard……

but (Much like the US Congress, we will just keep right on doing what hasnt worked).


BUT YES………… The true test is your body temperature….!!!!!!!!

If, in point of fact, it is actually 98.6 You are normal



I’m so normal that , even when I have a fever… My temperature stays at 98.6……

but my IQ goes up.


When my IQ goes over 103………

doctors show me videos of old weather

reports…to get it back down.

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