Kellmar Wimberleen from Dugersville South Carolina writes….. dearest Old Hughy: My daughter just called me and said my grand daughter had just BROKEN a SIPPY CUP….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that EVEN POSSIBLE? Is my daughter a prevaricator that doesnt tell the troof..? or have I misscalculaterized the dependablility factor of SIPPY CUPS IN GENERAL…and this one in Specific?


From Sippy Hughy


Wellllllllllllllllll Kelmar…………….. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you seeking to tell me that a SIPPY CUP WAS INFERIOR AND MALFUNCTIONING while being depended upon to provide sustenance for a mere child? Is this in fact what you are stating in your question?


Yes it is….. But I just wanted to type some extra words…SO I went over it again.


Sippy cups can be broken …even though many of them are unbreakable. (Which brings up more questions….BUT I DIGRESS)


The last known case of a sippy cup sustaning mortal damage was in 1983 at a MIME convention in Tallahassee Florida….When it was run over by an eighteen wheeler in the parking lot..


The only memorable case before that was when Binky Legman set one in front of a train in Peoria…..and it wasnt perty…. There was only one very small piece of the sippy straw left. His mommy was UPPPPPPPPPPSET over that deal.


So be careful out there.


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