Nobody in the Universe wrote in a question today….WHAT IS HAPPENING HEAR? KNOWBODY????? After receiving 78,237 and a half questions yesterday? Ar eyo ukid din gme? Okeedokee then. I’ll ask myself one. …………………………..From HUGH sitting at a laptop in my house……..Dear Hugh… Where does time go when it passes and WHY?



Well Hugh…. first of all, let me say I have

been hearing that you have had

some volatility in your portfolio.

I’m sorry you were sick.

How are you feeling now…..?


Oh I’m fine, except for the fungus on my metacarpal.

thanks for asking……


Yes…. I know words like METACARPAL…..

Dont try to deny it….

I also know the word Metamorphosis.

But who’s counting…?


Now…. the time travel issue…..

I do not know where time goes after it passes ….


I just hope it’s not piling up in the laundry room …


I also do knot no where the future is

until we need it.

But its out there somewhere.

And when it shows up ,

it quickly turns into the passed.


It comes to pass.

It came to pass.

This too will pass.Melting dog


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