Little 5 year old Radcliff Gingersnap from under an ironing board in the teachers lounge at Pea Ridge Elementary School in Buzzard Gulp South Carolina writes….. dear MR. Hugh…. I look up to you sew much… You have saved me from the clutches of malfeasance multiple times. (And I would have written you sooner, but I just now lerned how two spell the word “malfeasance”) Anyhow, you are my mentor, I turn to you for sanity in a world wher I am shusshed by over-zealous liberrians when Im shopping in PUBLIC RETAIL OUTLETS…! Do you know what it feels like to be SHUSSHED when you are roaming free in society? But that’s not my question… My question is this… Since the educational systemizationalism often relies on FONICS to teach us kid to Spell…How can you justify you constant apsersional casting of syllogistic criticism on the Fonics method?


Pig debate


Libraries…….BEFORE GOOGLE……


From Aspersional Slinger Hughy


Now look little munchkin….

Im gonna get your mother to take away all the red food

coloring from your diet…

You are making up words that are

WAAAAAAAAAAY two bigg four

such little fellers.

And ewe must be stopped…


Yes I know what its like to be shusssshed in public.

I understand that liberrians have to shush while

in the Book depository Joint……

And you need to obey them and behave yourself in there.

BUT I got shusshed by an overzealous liberrian

at an Atlanta Braves game

While swilling unsweet tea and munching

on a pack of stale M&M’s.


Ohhhhhh the hughmanity of it all….!!!!!!!!!!!


Now regarding the Fonikz querstion:

Eye candt saye eggzacktlee watt thee

reel reezon iz.

Their r aye nomber ov posibill eye tees. ….

Shud ewe won’t too no mower

abowt itt layter

Eye wood bee mower than pleesed

too tawk wif u abowt itt.


Your Wellkome………….

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