Fred P. Quiller from Pork U Pine Missouri writes…. dear Hugh….(or whoever actually runs that insane question answering deal there at H.A.S.))….My wife wants a basement in the new house we are building. But, she wants it on the second story instead of at the bottom of the stack down in the ground. Can this be done? Has this ever been done? Should it ever be done? And, if it was done, who did it?.. Where did they do it? and did it function effectively as a storm shelter? Also, why do you only accept one question per post?

From Overwhelmed Hughy….


Look here feller………… How on earth did you

get through the massive screening procedure here????????.

KNOW WON has ever broken through the system

with that many questions on ONE POST…..!!!!

I bet you hacked into our brilliantly

designed and unimpenetrable system.


Since you are hear….. I will tell you that puttin a basement

on the second story of the house is no problem at all…..

Since the 298th Circuit Court of Appeals Ruled

that it was o.k. in April of 2009

It is no longer a problem.


However….. They don’t do nearly as well for

storm protection or storing potatoes.


The first guy to try the concept was a

guy named,…”Rollo” in Peoria Illinois

back in 1972.. His hole nayborhud was

in an uproar for two months.

But YES it can be done……

Just be careful with it.

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