Insulle’ Therbstetian from the upper northeastern corner of Franisatan writes dearest Mr. Hugh….. With all your stellar accomplishments in the mathematical, bilological, astromanical , linguistic, and Literature world. (To say nothing of the time you rescued a confused dental hygienist from the clutches of a Cross-eyed Grizzly bear)…..Have you ever been knighted by the Queen of England…?

From Sir Hughy


Well…………Shucks….. I don’t know why you

had to bring all that stuff up

………..I shouldnt have chosen this

question from the millions of others.


No………… I have never even been INVITED to that

gals house for supper visit with her and give her

advice on ruling a country and how to handle

oafs and Jousters. And Drawbridge breakdowns.


No wonder they’ve got problems over there…

And they’ve got such an accent ,

a feller can’t make out what they’re saying

to start wiff.


I have NOT  ever been KNIGHTED by any

government official

BUT… I was called SIR ..on two

differnt occccassssions.

Once by a waitress at Arby’s and

Once by a kindergartener

who had lost his mommy.


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