Wadell Wingman from Pleaseeausaur Scotland..(just south of Loch Ness)…writes dear Hugh…..Early in the morning my eyesight is not real good…and I mistakenly used a can of RAID …for Hairspray. It seemed to work perty well and I’m thinking about repackaging it and selling it salons,,..once I get the bugs worked out of my distribution network… Do you see any potential health risks..?


From Hygienic and Hair Care Hughy…..


Well Waddell………….. I don’t think that spraying

toxicicacal poison all over your head should be a problem.


Normally, poison doesn’t absorb real well

through toupee’s.

BUT BUT BUT……. Health risks are very

very severe for any roaches  or

insecticidinal araptoids that may be

residing in your hairdo….


Let me recommend that you think seriously about just

forgetting the hole hairspray

idea…. ….. Ive seen pictures of your hair issues..

And I must say , I have never seen someone lose

all follicular growth on only the LEFT SIDE of their head….

But that HALF TOUPEE just doesnt match

the hair on the other side.

I think you’re better off to just be bald on the

LEFT side and have natural

follicular productionisms on the right.


And make sure, when you go for a haircut,……

That you get it for half price.



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