Kevin Ringwalde’ from Under a ’69 Buick (while changing the main bearings on cylinder number 5) writes…. Dear Hugh: Why are ostriches so ugly?…….. And I’d like to follow up if I may?

From Old Bird Brain Hughy


NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can not follow up. I keep trying to tell folks NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

With hunderds of miwlyuns of questions crossing my desks daily ….

(at the designated daily desk crossing area)

..I cannot be answering follow up questions…..

If you want to ask follow up stuff ,

go to a Presi Dental Press Confernce. (PDPC)


Now look, Ostriches have got enough to be concerned about without you out here making fun of em….

But, since we are already on the subject,…. I must say, that if  we gathered all the ostriches from around the world into one

theater in Las Vegas…..and had an



They would all bee dis quarlifried.


They are ugly so that, when they put their heads in the sand,….

No one feels compelled to help em get it back out until they are good and ready.


Once upon a time there was a law in South Louisiana that Ostriches couldn’t even come out of their dens

until after dark ….. And had to be home by Daylight. But the Aminal Writes Activists had A HISSY FIT.


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