Methel Ratslapper from Gersonville Pennsylvania writes …Dear Hughy: What does an ornathological opthamalogist do….?

From Ole hughy


Well………..An ornothologist is a scientists that studies Fowls.


All Fowls are birds……All  birds are fowls…..

All chickens are birds…. But not all birds are chickens.

All birds that are not chickens ….are glad they are not chickens..

Because all people that go to Kentucky Fried

or Chick Fill Aye eat chickens.

Lots of em…


Now……… an opthamologist….is a feller that works on EYEs…so living things can see better…..

Thusly , I can only assume that an ornathological opthamologist is a person who

does a FOWL Job of facilitating a BIRDS EYE View…


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