Ozzy Washbourne from Fryburg Virginia writes ….Dearest Hughy old buddy old pal…….. I am Humpty Dumpty’s attorney. You revealed facts about an ongoing Investig Ation. (which ain’t good) Humpty is planning to sue whoever it was that pushed him before the “great fall” ordeal……At first we thought it was Little Miss Muffet… But our investigatation revealed that she was in Peoria, sitting on a tuffette… And consuming rotten milk and gluten filled wheat products. So she certainly was not up to feeling weel enough to push an egg off a wall…. Questions remain. Do you happen to know from your sources, WHOM MAY HAVE PUSHED MY CLIENT?

From legal Hughy


Im so sorry OZZY WAZZY……………… There is no conclusive evidence that he was PUSHED. All of that is merely circumstantial….


I personally wonder if it could have been a disgruntled chicken.

But there is something FOWL, going on hear.

Make no mistake. This is not going to be OVER EASY.

Eggsackly what transpired is known only to three witnesses…… I.E… The BUTCHER, THE BAKER AND The Candlestick Maker…

But they are in witness protection for three years…..


We can only surmise the various plots to scramble this Egg Story.  Whomever wrote this …(I guess it was Shakespeare)… Should have known better . than to have a story depend on the survival of a WALKING EGG. Even a handle with CARE label, wouldn’t have done any good….


POACHERS are going to get involved in this search for the egg…..and the miscreants that were central in the promulgation of this diatribe. Yes, I said PROMULGATION.

I dont know what it means , but thats fine….Just being able to spell it.. makes me feel good.


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