Little Timmy Smith writes in today….Dear Hugh …I know how important it is for you to answer all the ridiculous questions that come across your enormous desk…. But could you take a day off to come help me with my geometry homework?

From Hugh


I most certainly will not Timster. For your own good.


I never was any good at knowing where

countries are located on a map.

And Frankly, I don’t know

if the maps are right or not…..


What with running the SERVICE and all…..I have not got time to be sailing off across the ocean blue to check the angles and latitudes and platitudes to make sure those globe thingys are accurate..


If they’ve got those maps wrong…..

Somebody’s in big trouble…..

And my guess is, that nobody really nose for sure.

There is no weigh that Australia is sitting out there

in the middle of nowhere like that ..

when everybody elses big ole countries are

kinda hooked together to other stuff.


Plus, they’ve got the oceans WAAAAAY toooooo big……

I went to the edge of that Atlantic one…..and

It didnt look near as big as what they’ve got it on that map.

Somethin aint right.


Stick with me son………I wouldn’t lead you astray………………………………….(much)’


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