Muddler Thurgood, a horseshoe expert from Washington D.C. writes….Dear Hugh… I take vitamins. I take vitamin B,C, D, A , E , I , O, and U. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTT, I understand that you have been in development of a new compound called vitamin “P.”..? What does is consist of and what are its effects…?


Howdy from Hughy…


Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know how you heard about this deal…. But YES O YES….Its tru…!!!!!!!


Vitamin  P  is a heretofore unknown coagulation of compounds derived from the aclipification of monomes and teroidal acid menoids amalmated in a slurry of Radcliff Factor C-A3.


While it is true that several scientists have attempted this,…. I was the first to actually pull it off. They failed largely because they couldn’t spell the words in the formula.


Thaaaaaaaay shud uv stud eeeeeed fonics.


The benefits of vitamin P are mini……………….. The most beneficial one  is that large doses of it cause people to think like me!!!!!!!.

While this can be problematic, it can usually be addressed by a  large competent team of psychiatrists. (and a good veterinarian)


So take it….and just dont worry ……………………

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