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Wendell Bubblebeek from Yancy’s Creek Michigan writes Dearest ole Sage-like Hughbert…..Who invented eye glasses….and what was the process by which they came to be used as they are in the circumstances in which they are employed by various people who need them in today’s societal structure….?

From Ole Hughbert


Mercy Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What on earth was that linguistical diatribe for….? Why didn’t you just ask  “How did glasses come to be?”

This rambling , meandering, verbosity and wordular confiblirationsal converstation is just about mower than I can handle.


You must be with dealt.


Now………… The rascal that invented Glasses was old Benji M Frankletone…….. Apparently, he didnt have a lot to do except fly kites with metal on em during thunderstorms and stuff. (Which is probably why he was considered to be a bit odd….. Discovering electricity probably kneads two be done with more caution.)


But, I digress, He figgered out the glasses thingy too…… He first tried lenses made out of  WOOD placed over his ears. Quickly determining that it didnt provide the desired visual enhancement, he tried the wood over his eyes…. Which, oddly enough, yielded a similar result.


THEN Mr. Benji had an ideer,………… He said I’ll apply for a government grant of 6 point 3 million dollars….to study why wooden glasses won’t work.

Soon thereafter he was rich and turned to his three year old nephew “Bunky”……..

The Bunkster said …”Why don’t you try glass?” …

and the rest is history.

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