Todays question comes from a Krusty old Krazed Kangaroo Keeper in Kashickstan…. Howdy Hughy!!!! What does the word “wreak” mean? and can you conjugate the word for me…?


From ole Literati explurt Hughy


Howdy over yonder…   This word “Wreak” is one which seems to often elude common usage in the common Englishical vocal meanderings of the average feller ’round here..

Is is conjugated thusly…..

I wreak.

He Wreak.

She wreak.

They wreak.

They will have Wreak

They Should Have Wreak.


If, they keep Wreaking

So, you can see that, for the mossted part, there ain’t much to that……………….

As far as I know , the only weigh the word is ever used is, Similar to saying … “If  he is elected, He will WREAK HAVOC on the country.”

I dont think a feller can Wreak anything except havoc. Which certainly makes it clear that WREAKING is not a good thing to be involved in.

So, if any of ya’ll have been wreaking,……….. Stop it.

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