Another question from a kindergartener today…… Little five year old Ratbrethhe Mellman from under his desk in Ms. Elvira Caughtemquick’s math class…..writes ….Mr. Hughy …. Are Koala Bears really as sweet and cuddly as they appear on TV…?

From Ole Mr. Hughy


Howdy Rattte……………..Good to hear from ya….


This is a serious question and needs to be dealt with. (Yes I understand that i ended with a preposition…So There.)


Koala bears, much like the duck-billed platypus, are largely misunderstood by the general public.


No, they are not cuddly or snuggly, and have been known to form Rogue Bands of Miscreant Bears that break into dog food stores and abscond with large quantities of Kibbles and Bits..


Koala Bears are also prone to GUM DISEASE….because they don’t floss worth a dip.


Trust me on this stuff……….

I wood not lead you astray………….


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