Mumpy Swagmire III from Bulgers Ridge Kentucky writes, Dear Hugh, a face book friend of mine named Hethe Benderson recently used the word “confuddled” to describe the mental condition they were experiencing at the time. I have heard of “Befuddled”…… “Confused”…… “Bewildered”……..”Muddled”……and…… “Bumfuzzled”…..but never heeerd the word “Confuddled”. What does the word mean? Is it really even a word?” Please Shed some light o yon answerer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From Stable thinker Hughy


Hello there……………………


This is a very important question…. And , as hughsual, I am uniquely quarlifried to answer it.

I have heard many of these terms myself.



Clarity of thought is something with which I am very very familiar…but,…..I have read about these other issues being a problem for some people………..((((and , I must say, there seems to be an especially high concentration of the problems in people

who run for national political office.))))))


BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, I have never heard the word “CONFUDDLED”………….. This term was clearly made up by an indivdiaual who seeks to confuse and bumfuzzle grammatical litterarrian liberrian types all over the glob. There is no such word. Never has been. and never will be. So there.


People whom make up wurds,….cannot be counted on to be trustworthy in iny enterprise that requires the yoose of literrati skills. However, they might make a good taylor or seam stress…. because they would be in a postion to keep people in stitches.



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