Quigley Froglip from behind the counter at a Discount Goldfish store…….writes dear Hughy…… I am very very interested in how yesterday’s ordeal with the damsel in distress turned out… Did she deserve to be incarceraterized in the tower of London?


From Hugh

Well…………………I’m so glad you asked this question …otherwise I would have forgotten it.


First of all the documents that Guinivere sent me were mostly unreadable. (Due to having been chewed by my dachshund as he brought em down to the house from the malebox.)


What I was able to make out seemed to indicate that ole “Guiny Gal” had only had a couple of minor traffic violaations and was arrested for simply being double parked in a tow-away zone. She has twelve children and three cats that need her desperately….


So , once I realized the situation, and examined it’s merits, and did an investigation, and refused to answer important questions about what I knew about stuff that was or wasn’t going on or had transpired before then because i was hiding something such as my plans to sneek up the west side of the tower and rescue the damsel (after I got through watching the Beverly Hillbillies on TV LAND), …..I got in my super secret Hughymobile….and skeedaddled for the Tower.


There I overpowered the guards by quickly super-gluing them all together and stuffing a kumquat in each one’s mouth to keep them from saying “HEPP ME HEPP Me”!!!!!….. (((Kumquats are rich in vitamin SEA….and are really good for overpowered guards….or,……. Frankly …for anyone  else.))))


Then I merely walked , with a very very suave and sophlisticated lilting motion…..up the endless spiraling staircase…… And said what I had planned. Which was this…… Hey!!!! Let’s Get outta hear!!!!!….. (I had always wanted to say that…..)


It’s all over now……All is well…..It really wasnt that big a deal…… Thanks for asking….

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