Guinevere Towers (originally from Gerbilsquat Florida) writes Dearest Hughy…… I am a damsel. My name is Guinevere. I am high up in a tower in London. Being attacked by a group of crazed rodents. I am in distress. Will you hepp me…?


Hepp Me!!!!!!!!!!!! Hepp Me…………

Somebody Hepp Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hark yon damsel……………!……. O ye Guinevere of Gerbilshire!!!!!!!!!!!


Wait just a minute.

I didnt study enough Shakesphere to be getting

invloved in this ordeal. Im not shure what yon damsel is incarcererated for.

You may need to be in prison for all I know.

What did you do to get yourself stuck in that

joint in the first place.?.


Looky here Yon damsel………..You get me some paperwork from yon counties yon archives and send em to

my yon self  and I shall forthwith see…what’s goin on in yon ordeal before I get involved in forthwith yon  goings on.


I may have to update this tomorrow once I finish my JOUSTING match…and have time to reed these dochughments.

HEPP ME……… HEPP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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