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Aaron Blurre from his desk at Consolidated Catfish Advocates of America (CCAA) writes Dear Hugh: Yesterdays post on the meaning NYSE was very illustratatative of your lack of knowledge. A glaring indication of the fact that you have know ID what you are talking about. A crystal clear inculcation of ignominy. Would you consider running for President?


From Hughy


Thanks so much Aaron…… (by the way…why do you need TWO “A’s at the first of your name.? It seems rather redundant. And because of this…I am putting you on the watch list here at H.A.S>……So there.




I recognize that we have had various representatives of the people over the centuries who did not possess a high concentration of either knowledge or wisdom .(but, other than that, they were just right for the job). And I appreciate so much your realizing that I am qulaified to join their ranks and create chaos for the American people. BUT I AM TOO BUSY TALKING ABOUT STUFF to the common man out there whom NEEDS MY HELP.


I cant just keep dealing with these ongoing outcries for me to run for President. I have to move forward.

,,…….So the real question for the day is this

WHERE DOES THE “WHITE” GO……when snow melts?  This question was posed by Comedian Stephen Wright..but he never answered it.

So I must.

….. The “white” color that you see in snow….is made up of a snownimial resin-like moleculine craltwib that is lighter than air. Thusly, we find that, upon the meltiningization of the crystaline substructure, the “white molecules. drift into the atmosphere and become clouds.

There you go.

This is tough stuff. But I try to bring it down to earth and put it in terms that can be easily digestrerized.

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