Zelda T. Earllsworth from Upper Michigan’s Peninsula (that sticks out in the water up there) writes…. Dearest ole Hugbert…. Often in the newspaper they have COLUMNS of numbers and cymbals that I have trouble deciphering..(plus I can’t figger em out) … Frequently I see one that looks like this…….NYSE………. What does that mean?




Howdy…. and thanks for the great querstion…..


Lots of peeps wonder about this.

(I used the words PEEPS ’cause I wanted to be cool).


Now ….some folks think this means

“Now You Said Ett”…………Such is knot the case. It stands for the




Which brings up mower questions than it answers. Such as WHy on earf would folks want to exchange socks? And what are the practical implications of such goings on? I think there is something odd afoot here.


Look…. Socks are not all that expensive…especially USED. So why people would go to the trouble of going through a brokerage house to get it done is beyond me…AND YET…IT IS BIG BUSINESS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just go to the dollar store…..Shell out three smackers and BE DONE WITH IT……. This is not complicated…OR IT SHOULDNT BEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The old saying is…. “If the SHOE FITS…….. Wear IT.”…. Which has nothing whatsoever to do with this discussion,… so, frankly, Im not sure why I mentioned it. But , it is what it is. Take it for what it’s worth. Which, I suspect will be a relatively low figure.

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