Sal Cummberly from Rash Scratch Oklahoma writes dear Hugh: Who invented the portable toothbrush?


Well Sal


This is two daze in a row that we have had a good question ….!!!!!!


Many Many people do not understand the origin of the portable toothbrush. In fact, most people assume that the toothbrush was ALWAYS portable, since it’s very inception. (that means when it started showing up.)


Such is knot the case at all.


Until August of 1843, toothbrushes were always way too big to move around…..

Most were bolted to cabinets and old anvil stands…..


You may say to yourself…… “Self, Why would that be the case”…? or You may say “How would such an implement be implemented”? or you may say both things(if you’re not in a big rush)


The reason it was done was to keep the toothbrushes from being stolen.

The way they were used was….You stood real close to the thing and beat yourself half to death trying to get to all your back teeth…

And dont even ask me about the flossing .

The answer to your question is …… Gerry Flatweed from Berchshire Idaho. He was tired of his head being scratched up all the time.

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