Gertrude Wombatte ((A Tired Toad Trainer)) from Liverstool England writes in today’s brilliant question…. Dear Hugh: I’m a tired toad trainer from Liverstool England and I have a question that is brilliant…… What is the answer to this Question?


From Hughy


Well………..First of all, I’d like to know what you train toads to do….. And, why, are you tired of it….?  I did see a toad one time back in ’78 that had been trained to operate a weed eater. But, there was a bad accident one day, and that was the end of that.


Now , enough of that silly stuff. The question you have posed here is certainly one that needs to be addressed. And ,if not HERE, then WHERE? If not NOW, then When? If not by me…then HOOOOOOOOO?


Rare indeed is the Answering Service that can handle stuff like this. But then, rare indeed is the answering service that would be goofy enough to even accept the question …much less be knot-headed enough to try to answer it.


The only possible answer to the inquiry is found within the question its self. It is the first word. But Punchughation is key. It must have a Querstion Mark after it as follows………




What? ……. Is, in fact, the answer to the question.


If you understand this post….. You should be very very concerned about your mental status. But I do have appointments available for consulatattions and advice-giving. Do knot feel free to call me. My success rate is real low.

Here’s an IN teresting Street Safety Sign


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