Wendy Mae Filbbleberm from Quansit Kansas….writes dear Hugh …..How is your chain of Inconvenience Stores coming along….? It is truly a great idea….and I know how much I enjoy not being able to shop for things I need, and finding your stores closed during peak hours….

From Hugh


Everything is going great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ……….our business is down just like we planned….


Our business model is much like the United States government…… Waste MILLIONS on absolute foolishness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Plus ….we have gone billions of dollars in debt with NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT>…. I think the whole idea is going to catch on.

In fact, we are applying for a government grant…and it looks promising….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is so encouraging to see our customers frustrated  on a daily basis….. !!!!!! We have even installed shorter gas pump hoses….and moved the shelves higher to make em much harder to reach.

We are now stocking fewer products and making folks show TWELVE ID’S to purchase ANYTHING WHATSOEVER.

Some of our new ideas will include adding more BIG POTHOLES to the VERY SMALL PARKING LOT. And buying a dog that barks constantly…!!!!

As usual, we are almost never able to make change and the coffee  is cold…… ITS A DREAM COME TRHUGH!!!!!!!!!!!.


Come on down…………… But we are only open from 6 to seven pm three nights a week… And those days change……weekly.

thanks so much for your support…..

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