Big Ed Waldorf from behind a Yo-Yo making machine in Northeast Michigan writes….. Dear Hugh: I have a very old dog. And I;m absolutely determined to teach him a NEW trick. If I succeed, what will this do the the credibility of those of you, in the literarary media, whom have insisted for eons that such a thing can’t be done…? Also, I’d like to follow up if i may?


From Hughbert…..


Howdy Big…………………I don’t want to place you on the WATCH LIST or Probation here at H.A.S. BUT I MUSSED. You cant come wandering in here with THREE QUESTIONS….When there are untold MILLIONS of unanswered questions out there begging for my insightful commentary. So there.


By the way how’s the Yo Yo business?………. Im sure it has it’s ups and downs.


Even I shouldnt have said that….It was too corny EVEN FOR ME.


NOW: The question is knot….”Can you teach and old dog new tricks”?….The question is ….”Can you teach an old dog …HUGH tricks?”

And the definitive answer is ………………abosolutley knotte. I can do tricks that NO CANINE could ever figgure owt. So dont frustrate yourself and the local hound pophughlation.




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