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Phoebe Leddliver from a tire repair shop in Peoria writes Dearest Hughy: I am always seeking advice, on various aspects of life from you and your staff there at H.A.S. We have even taken your business advice here where I work…… Our lives are falling apart and the business is going broke…. Is there a chance that you don’t have a clue in the world what you are talking about? Do we just need to wait longer and keep trying your techniques and methods? Do you even listen to what is being asked or just ramble incohairently? .


From Hughy


Thank you so much for your question regarding the migrational patterns of the  Tunisian Willldabeast.

Having grown up in Kentucky, I am very familiar with this issue. …but have really had very little opportunity to expound on it.

…due to lack of interest in the public at large..


    WHAT DO YOU MEAN …RAMBLING INCOHAIRENTLY???????  I would never dew such a thing…..(as you well know)…..


Look Phoebster………..My advices works great………..Ewe just haven’t stuck with it  in a disciplined fashion.

Here’s what I want you to do………… First: No matter how much money you make, I want you to spend ALL OF IT. And then run up a high credit card bill.  SECOND : I suggest that you borrow a huge amount of money from someone who doesnt like your looks one bit……… AND take that money and give it to someone who Wastes everything THEY HAVE .  . Thirdly: Then begin to figure out how you can legally get more money to give away to those same people by obtaining it from other folks who still have some. THE CHALLENGE IS TO KEEP EVERYBODY LIKING YOU WHILE YOU DO IT…..and its FUN FOR EVERYONE as the game continues. ENJOY THE PROCESS PHEOBSTER!!!!!!!!!!

This approach has worked over and over again for us here at Hugh’s Answering Service. You simply are impatient. Stick with the plan Ms. Leddliver. Discipline is key.


Millions have taken our advice here at the SERVICE…… And , if it doesn’t work… IT”S NOT MY FAULT .

Trust me Phoebster.

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